John and Jan Green





WebSphere Message Broker enables the Enterprise Service Bus software pattern.



WebSphere Message Queuing provides an assured delivery transport for business payloads.



Generation Fil-Am

John and Jan are a Filipino/American couple with bright views of our future.


We are technology savvy and remain on the cutting edge. We implement Event-Driven SOA business solutions in a cost-effective way that combine rich eco systems of best-of-breed technology partners from the cloud.


Our focus is on insurance and banking systems where we provide consistent support to MasterCard, Bank of America, State Farm Insurance, Physicians Mutual Insurance, State of Illinois, Amazon Web Services, InsPro, FTNI, TSYS.


Eco system platforms create rich composite user experiences that outperform traditional business systems. By delivering business capabilities as cloud-based Web Services instead of disconnected insular silo'd applications, vertical software offerings connect multiple technology partners and transcend traditional limitations.


Eco system platforms enhance customer acquisition and retention because they offer greater, more refined functionality that customers appreciate. Many times these feature add-ons are less expensive because the cloud-based services are pay-as-you-go for only the capacity you need.


Emerging SOA models for application architecture further highlight the implications of how new business opportunities can be leveraged with service-based solutions and how traditional application architecture patterns are becoming obsolete.


Application-centric tunnel vision impedes progress of service technology innovation. We provide the broader view of the business space identifying partners that can add 1+1=3 value to our eco system. Our platforms fully capitalize on the best our partners have to offer.