Jan and John Green


About Us

The convergence of the mobile, social, cloud, and information IT space push us into adopting new software delivery paradigms for application architecture. We are experts at combining rich eco system of cloud-based partners.


Our experience has driven success in client projects which Automate Supply Chain Processes. This automation enable swift adaptation of business-driven market capture. One example at Physicians Mutual Insurance Company in Omaha, Nebraska was the 5-month implementation of their Pre-need insurance line. This new product line instantly made PMIC the gorilla market player by shifting US$72 million annual sales away from the legacy market dominator.


We did this by implementing a Role-based Access Controlled portal application, driving new business through WebSphere Message Broker to third-party cloud-based business partners like InsPro, FTNI, and SalesForce.com. Our new system was implemented in just five months, and included features like in-the-field sales force Android/iPhone apps for quoting new business, as well as an eCommerce web-based portal application to process the new business insurance applications.


For Advanced Funding Solutions, using WebSphere Message Broker, we created an online payment processing system that communicates with banks through cloud-based partners and the worldwide networks of SWIFT, NACHA and SEPA. See the article SWIFTReady payment validation for how we did it.


Jan and I bring Domain Knowledge to the industry verticals of insurance and banking to achieve unparalleled success. We apply Business Acumen having been responsible for Profit and Loss balance sheets of US$24 million; resident experience of how entrepreneurial businesses operate: the structures, disciplines, demands, and priorities through real-life experience.


One of our keynote speakers we often read about and listen to is Geoffrey Moore who wrote a series of high-tech marketing books about Crossing The Chasm and Inside The Tornado. Chasm nutshell.


John Green is an American businessman specializing in M&A integration of technology firms. John defined parts of Amazon Web Services vision regarding HIPAA security integration with third parties and integrated entrepreneurial businesses into the State Farm Insurance electronic claims system using WebSphere MQ. As vice-president at SatisFusion in 2000, in partnership with Fay Wood, he directed the strategy and orchestrated the venture capital funding of SatisFusion through Springboard Venture Forum. In 1998, Metro Information Services recognized him as MVP in their Houston Professional Services Division, winning awards from Metro Senior Vice President Andy Downing and Chief Executive John Fain by leading the software integration team for Lockheed-Martin at TranStar for four years. While at BMC Software, John wrote portions of the PATROL Recovery Manager for Oracle product, specializing in artificial intelligence within the backup selection criteria. John helped BMC capture $500 million in revenue through this unique feature over the life of the PATROL product.


John leads moderately-sized nimble-aggressive business acquisition teams acquiring businesses and integrating their unsimilar people and technical systems into a cohesive business unit. Targeting M&A objectives through strategic planning and fluid high-touch human communication, John leverages strategic opportunity and new energy sources to develop new relationships and test new opportunities. He implements knowledge of psychology, how and why to push the envelope, using ego-drive strategic due diligence. Vitally anticipating events that could derail a merger, John tests the strategic rationale of the business proposition, gauges value by how the two corporate brand identities will affect demand, connects the brand strategy to the deal strategy, and manages the brand transition plan. Since 1995, John has focused on M&A of technology companies. Examples of this include Lockheed-Martin acquisition of Loral Space Information Systems; Keane acquisition of Metro Information Services, then Nims Associates, Inc.; and Monsanto multiple acquisitions of family-owned seed companies.